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                                              Artivist-Earthling-Eco-Feminist-Anti-Speciesist-Queer-                                                  F*EM. This is how Barbara Finck-Beccafico is positioned                                                  in the artistic ecosystem.

                                              Currently studying at the Masters in Composition and                                                      Sound Creation at the University of Montreal, Barbara                                                        Finck-Beccafico has, since beginning of her academic                                                      career, had the opportunity to work under the tutelage of                                                  recognized artists at the Université de Montréal (Nicolas                                                    Bernier, Martin Bédard), Paris 8 University (Alain Bonardi,                                                 Anne Sedes) and Sogang University of Seoul (Jusub Kim,                                                 Yongsoon Choi).


                                             Her electroacoustic compositions have recently been                                                       heard series of Ultrasonic concerts, in the play "Vacilando" of New York City collective The Ephemeral Explorers and Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium and Venice Electroacoustic Rendez-vous. She also collaborates with choreographers and directors to put their works to music.


Since 2014, Barbara has been working on a corpus of works of six engaged multisensory installations.  Chapters 1 "Recyclable Comfort and 3" Zoopolis " have been displayed at famous contemporary arts events such as at Nuit Blanche

of Montreal, at the Nuit Blanche of Paris, as well as the series of Ultrasonic concerts.


Between 2012 and 2015, her audio visual work has been performed with the electro-pop band about: A project that Barbara Finck-Beccafico has permitted her to present several years of her work in Video-Music, as an author, a performer and a co-composer. This project counts a little over a hundred performances over a period of 4 years, including a presence at festivals such as the CBGB Festival (NYC), Canadian Music Week (Toronto), and Montreal Electronic Groove Festival (Montreal).


This project is now presented in a solo form, renamed Wållgren, the maiden name of her maternal grandmother, doing honor to her Swedish roots. A very personal proposal, in which she offers a soundscape emerging from the usual shackles usual of the "singer-songwriter" format. In her musical influences, one can see strong female models such as Bjork, Ariane Moffatt, St- Vincent and Anne Clark.


Today, Barbara Finck-Beccafico is also fully involved in the project Poetry of DNA, mixing art software applied to sound, music and visual creation, as well as performative art.


In the last 10 years, Barbara Finck-Beccafico has participated in numerous projects: member of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Music Research Association for 4 years, consultant for the labels Ambiances Magnétiques, Mikroclimat and ACTE, VJ for several Montreal's indie scene artists, she has published a novel at the age of 20, been a part of 4 expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic, and founded her management company Poulet Neige.


Having grown up in an environment where contemporary art was at center of everyday life, her artistic exploration gradually developed towards immersive audio-visual performances. Indeed, her artistic approach is closely linked to the immersive character of art: the importance of creating a real universe for the public. The impossibility of dissociating the experience from the public, as a central focus point, in order to give life to the work.


Strongly attached to the idea of offering original artistic work, both in the messages that she explores but also through the materials and techniques, Barbara Finck-Beccafico confronts the public with social issues, in both a theoretical and formal way. She is committed to bringing together both the general public and the more specific one, in an exploration of mindfulness.

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