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The body of work Conscience creates a loaded audio-visual physical space, in which the audience finds itself surrounded by four large projections, traveling sound, and a culinary experience. Presenting an engaged multisensory immersive installation without concession.


Presented in six chapters, Conscience tells the story of our world, decades in the future. A world in which our consciousness is the result of a different perception from what it is today. Each act is 10 minutes long and are meant to be played in loops.

This work explores themes such as: ecology, feminism, animal ethics, privacy, consumption, and relations between individuals, with ourselves and towards "happiness."


Chapter 1: Recyclable comfort

Chapter 2: God is a woman

Chapter 3: Zoopolis

Chapter 4: True cost

Chapter 5: Connection / Disconnection

Chapter 6: Modern Happiness


This installation presents a letter from a near future, thanking our whole generation for waking up in time. Enough of apocalyptic visions of the future of our planet and species. Here is a vision of a beautiful and peaceful future, thanks to us now, for making the needed changes in time, and changing the course of history.


Through this work, Barbara Finck-Beccafico plays endlessly with the duality between rejection and fascination, between the feeling of being locked up, and being mesmerized - like a Stockholm syndrome.


Even if the viewer is almost bombarded, the precise edition of images and sound makes the viewer transform its idea of reality. It helps him see the palpable in the visible, the visible in reality, the reality in consciousness.


When the viewer feels his attention is about disconnect from the sound, it will be stimulated by the image. And if the viewer then disconnects from the image, taste and smell will be present to overwhelm the viewer. So on, without end.


The viewer is fully immersed in the heart of an experience leaving him no choice but to be actively involved. Highlighting the peculiarities of this medium with infinite possibilities, the work exists only because the viewer is present, through all his senses.


"Conscience" is therefore a work that presents a unique and innovative immersive experience, enhanced by the total sensory immersion. Indeed, when the viewer leaves, he will have the feeling that he traveled, really lived something unique, and will walk away with a piece of this art work, implemented in himself.


Upcoming exhibitions of this work


Previous exhibitions of this work

La Nuit Banche de Paris 2016

La Nuit Banche de Montréal 2016
Ultrasons 2016


Conscience | Chapter 1 « Recyclable Comfort » | Ultrasons 2016

Photo by Myriam Boucher

Simulation Installation | Conscience | Chapter 3  « Zoopolis »

Conscience | Chapter 3 « Zoopolis »| La Nuit Blanche de Paris 2016

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